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"Language is key to the financial planning process, and Wes Young helps provide value through clear language, a dedicated process, and allowing us to build deeper relationships with our clients."

Kevin Clapham

Momentum Capital Group, LLC

"Before Wes Young & Planning Shepherd, sharing a holistic picture of where clients are, where they wanted to go, and the progress since we started was a challenge. Now I can provide clear overviews, modeling, and deliverables for my clients, and it comes with the best mastermind and group training in the industry."

Jason Harman

Umpqua Wealth

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Fee-Based Financial Planning Phase 1 

After taking this course, selling products and managing money won't be your value proposition... you will be the value proposition. You'll be a curator of great ideas that help people move toward increased profitability and quality of life.


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Fee-Based Financial Planning Phase 2

After taking this course, you'll be able to help your clients develop a meaningful financial plan. From breaking down growth charts to analyzing their personal balance sheet, you'll be able to be a curator of great ideas and deliver consistent value to your clients.


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Mindset Course

Our greatest opportunity to recognize our future possibilities is not about abandoning your normal or rejecting the new but instead keeping the tension healthy between the two.


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High quality content and practical teaching.

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All of our on-demand sessions are well-produced, high quality video to make your learning engaging.

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These courses won't just be high-level theories and ideas. You'll get practical demonstrations, client meetings, processes, and more.

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