Want to learn how to charge for your advice?

We will show you how at Transform University!

In this learning series, Wes Young will unpack a very powerful framework that will create incredible influence, sustainable profitability, and make a significant difference in the lives of those you serve. You will learn everything from the language, to the technology, to the back office task management and team development that Wes Young employs.

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Session Overview

All sessions are held 10:00-11:30 AM Central

  • Aug 10th: Mindset: Normalize the New
  • Aug 17th: Location: Understanding Your Story About Money
  • Aug 24th: Expectation: Enhancing Your Story About Money
  • Sept 7th: Direction: Standard of Care For Your Income & Liquidity
  • Sept 14th: Direction: "What if" Scenario (Death)
  • Sept 21st: Direction: Large Estates & Income Tax
  • Sept 28th: The Power of Full Engagement
  • Oct 5th: What Are You Thinking? 
  • Oct 12th: Mastering Self & Team Awareness - Part 1
  • Oct 19th: Mastering Self & Team Awareness - Part 2
  • Nov 2nd: Ideal Calendar / Ideal Week
  • Nov 18th: In-person Deep Dive (Austin, Texas)
  • + Bonus Sessions
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