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Founder of Planning Shepherd & Wes Young & Associates

Wes Young is a sought-after financial advisor, author, and speaker who receives invitations to teach across the country. In addition to working with his private clients, he serves on the board of advisors to some of the nation’s largest privately held companies. Over the last 20 years, Wes has built an industry leading financial planning practice that has grown to produce well over 7-figures in annual revenue with over $200 million in assets, and almost $700 thousand per year in just annual planning fees separate of AUM. Additionally, Wes has consistently received the industry's highest awards, and has been recognized for being one of the top producing financial advisors.

When starting Wes Young & Associates, Wes had a vision for better profitability, better quality of life, and less burnout in the advising business. He built his practice on the concept of having a separate, fee-based planning model in addition to assets under management fees. This approach creates an entirely new baseline revenue that allows financial planning businesses to be better protected from market changes. As an added benefit, advisors using this method are able to provide additional depth to their planning services, building more trust with clients across the entire spectrum of their finances.

Wes believes that this approach is the future of financial planning, and his success shows that to be true. He wants to share the wealth and create a community of experienced advisors who help other advisors succeed. Wes Young Live is providing the next generation of financial planners with online courses, live webinar training sessions, podcasts, and more. Learn about our most popular learning series below.

Transform Learning Series™:

Increasing Profitability & Quality of Life

Good advisers don’t die from starvation of too little opportunity. We die from indigestion of way too much. In this business, we have unlimited markets we can work in, unlimited products and services we sell, and of course, countless narratives and methods to move a client to action. It is in this sea of unlimited opportunity that we can actually work ourselves into a state of sophisticated confusion. If we aren’t careful, “overwhelmed, disorganized and chaotic” will be the description of our days. The good news is that you can move from a place of sophisticated confusion to mature simplicity.

In this learning series, Wes Young will unpack a very powerful framework that will create incredible influence, sustainable profitability, and make a significant difference in the lives of those you serve. You will learn everything from the language, to the technology, to the back office task management and team development that Wes Young employs.


Transform Learning Series™


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Books by Wes

What Do You Do? How to Grow Your Business By Answering the Right Way

Do you struggle with answering the question, "What do you do?" Answering this question powerfully is one of the greatest untapped opportunities for progress that exists in our industry. Not only does our approach to answering this question lead us to higher quantity of clients, but it also enhances the quality of relationships we have with them. Join Wes Young as he discusses the ripple effect of how answering this question well extends to the furthest reaches of your business.

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From Busy to Rich

Ever feel like you run out of money before you run out of all the ideas and opportunities you want to pursue? Join Wes Young as he unpacks why trying to out earn all your ideas, never leaves you with extra money, it just leaves you tired. Unlock your ability to have extra time and money as we unveil what it means to go from busy to rich. Proverbs 10:22 tells us "The blessings of the Lord make one rich, and He adds no sorrow to it." Let's learn how to receive those blessings. BEING RICH IS GOD'S IDEA!

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