Fee Based Financial Planning Phase 2

After taking this course, you'll be able to help your clients develop a meaningful financial plan. From breaking down growth charts to analyzing their personal balance sheet, you'll be able to be a curator of great ideas and deliver consistent value to your clients.


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What You'll Learn in This Course

  • How to conduct the Expectation Phase of your meeting
  • How to analyze a Planning Shepherd Balance Sheet
  • How to use the tools Wes uses in live meetings with clients
  • How to build live growth charts (Live walkthrough included) 
  • How to become a curator of great ideas
  • How to influence the way your clients think, act, and develop
  • How to differentiate between personal, liquid, and business assets on a balance sheet
  • How to help your clients develop a meaningful financial plan
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10 Sessions to Help You Grow

  1. Introduction
  2. Atmosphere of Influence
  3. The Process
  4. Expectation Phase
  5. Preparation
  6. The Welcome & Common Ground
  7. Balance Sheet Walk Through
  8. Live Growth Chart
  9. Next Steps
  10. Wrap Up

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