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S1E1- Normalize the New Part 1: What is it and why does it matter?

Season #1

Welcome to From Busy to Rich with Wes Young. In today’s inaugural episode Andy Traub interviews Wes Young and associate Justin Lakin to introduce Season 1 of From Busy to Rich, and discuss the importance of mindset.  

Wes is a public speaker, author, and founder of Wes Young and Associates with over 20 years of experience in the financial industry. Over the course of this season you’ll also get a chance to hear from several of Wes’s senior associates, as well as special guests, on a number of topics designed to inspire advisors to increase profitability and quality of life.

In today’s episode we dive deeper into:

  • Who is Wes Young
  • What to expect in season 1 of From Busy to Rich
  • We jump into part 1 of Normalize the New: What is it and why does it matter?, and this where we spend the bulk of our time as Wes takes us through how our greatest opportunity to recognize our future possibilities is not about abandoning our normal or rejecting new, but keeping the tension between the two