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S1E3- Normalize the New Part 3: Challenge your normal with new

Season #1

Today is the final part of Normalize the New: “Challenge your normal with new”, where Andy Traub will be rounding out this topic with Wes Young and Justin Lakin as we discuss how to practically and purposefully challenge our normal with new to create a more intentional life.

Today’s main points are:

  • Big picture mindset that is critical for growth
  • The importance of identifying examples, or models, of how to embrace and develop the new
  • Compound effect and protecting time; you don’t achieve a large or permanent effect on your physical appearance or health with one visit to the gym regardless of how long or hard that one visit is…cultivating and implementing new into your business as an advisor works the same way
  • It all starts with cultivation
  • You have to have a way to let the ideas that are cultivated mature into a place of resolution
  • You have to know yourself to know where to lean-in, versus pull-back
  • How to orchestrate a plan to put it all together Time to execute- “Direction, not intention, determines destination” -Andy Stanley

Get a free copy of Wes’ article Normal vs. The New Normal, at our website From Busy to Rich with Wes Young.

In the next episode we will look to answer the question “What do you do?”, and start the conversation around Charging for Your Advice.