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S1E5- Charging for Your Advice: “What Do You Do?” Part 2

Season #1

In today’s episode we’ll finish up the approach on how to answer “What do you do” in a way that causes people to lean in. This episode is hosted by Andy Traub as he interviews Wes Young, Justin Lakin, and guest Cody Moore.

Today’s main points are:

  • Understanding your atmosphere of influence
  • Answering the question- Pick something that’s memorable and portable
  • State the problem you solve in the form of a question
  • Associate yourself with the solution to the problem simply and then specifically
  • Give them a valuable example and next step

Join us in the next episode Wes will be covering the elements of the first strategy session with clients, and how to get them to “Lean In.” If you want to dive deeper into these topics you can learn more at and use discount code PODCAST25 for 25% off.