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S1E8- Charging for Your Advice: Strategy Session 2- “I would like to pay your fee!”

Season #1

In today’s episode Andy, Wesley Young, and Cody Moore continuing the topic Charging for Your Advice with a discussion on the second strategy session getting clients to see the value you can offer and say, “I would like to pay your fee!”

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Today’s main points are:

  • Furthering the topic of Fee versus Free
  • In light of the story they are in about money, what areas of planning will be most relevant to walk through.
  • Elite advisors do three things: Prepare for meetings, Have the meeting, Carry out next steps
  • Walk through the second strategy session
  • Presenting the Fee

Join us in the next episode Wes will be covering a discussion around the idea that “You’ve been paid, now what?.” If you want to dive deeper into these topics you can learn more at and use discount code PODCAST25 for 25% off.