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S2E1- Traveling Light Part 1: “An Exciting Vision”

Season #2

Welcome to From Busy to Rich with Wes Young. In today’s episode we kick off season 2 as Andy Traub interviews Wes Young and associate Justin Lakin to introduce this season’s topic of “Traveling Light.”

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In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Introduction to season 2, Traveling Light
  • What it means to be “built for beautiful”
  • The things we “carry” and why
  • How do we identify the things that are helpful to carry versus harmful to our success?
  • Some practical steps to start shifting mindset “It’s not the load that breaks you down but how you carry it.” – Lou Holtz

Join us in the next episode where will continue the discussion on traveling light, and defining a “grateful condition.” If you want to dive deeper into these or other topics you can learn more at and use discount code PODCAST25 for 25% off.