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S3E1- Fee-Based Holistic Planning: “What is it? Part 1”

Season #3

Language, as defined by the Meriam-Webster dictionary, describes how a given community structures, combines, pronounces, and uses words to be understood or communicate an idea. Given the immense number of possible variations it’s easy to see how things can get lost in translation, or how what someone meant by what they said can often be interpreted entirely differently. In this series Andy Traub, Wes Young, and Justin Lakin will take a deeper look at how we define Fee-Based Holistic Planning in this first episode of “What is it?”

In today’s episode we will cover:

  • The critical areas of focus that optimize a person's ability to increase their profitability and quality of life: Clarity regarding the story they’re in about money, Systematic (proactive) strategy sessions, Systematic (proactive) strategy management, A powerful network of help
  • Deep dive into clarity regarding the story they are in about money
  • Financial health is like physical health; it’s not a place you arrive at, but a condition you continually pursue – Wes Young
  • Real financial planning is the constant alignment of the use of capital (time and money) to what you really care about. – Carl Richards

We hope you enjoy part 1 of fee-based holistic financial planning “What is it?” If you want to further explore these or other topics you can learn more at and use discount code PODCAST25 for 25% off. If you’re interested in attending our next Transform University click here for information on how to sign up before registration ends.