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S3E3- Fee-Based Holistic Planning: “What is it? Part 3”

Season #3

To this point in the season Andy, Wes, and Justin have walked through the aspects of Fee Based Holistic Planning regarding the initial approach and how to navigate specific strategy sessions. In this episode the group takes a broader approach on how to manage the advising process over a quarter, a year, and the life of the relationship.

In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Deep dive into Systematic (proactive) strategy management: Building accurate and appropriate strategy outlines – summaries; How to move clients along the projects being managed; How to build in systems to ensure that things aren’t getting dropped or forgotten
  • Is it worth the added work of doing true planning?
  • Transformational versus Transactional
  • Real financial planning is the constant alignment of the use of capital (time and money) to what you really care about. – Carl Richards

We hope you enjoyed part 3 of fee-based holistic financial planning “What is it?” If you want to further explore these or other topics you can learn more at and use discount code PODCAST25 for 25% off. If you’re interested in attending our next Transform University click herefor information on how to sign up before registration ends.