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S4E2- Building an Ideal Team: “Ideal Calendar”

Season #4

Join us for episode 2 of this series with Andy Traub, Wes Young, and Justin Lakin as we discuss some approaches on how to build an effective team as an advisor. We will be continuing the discussion around the topic by exploring the importance of an ideal calendar.

In today’s episode we will cover:

  • What does it mean to spend your time well
  • Surviving, Stabilizing, Thriving (financial condition pyramid)
  • How an ideal calendar impacts the capacity and durability of an ideal team
  • Building a calendar that supports the teams ability to prepare for meetings, have the meeting, and then effectively manage the projects from those meetings

If you want to further explore these or other topics you can learn more at and use discount code PODCAST25 for 25% off. You can use the link provided to download an example of Wes’ ideal calendar. If you’re interested in attending our next Transform University click here for information on how to sign up before registration ends.