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S7E2- Retiring to Something Instead of From It

Season #7

In this episode, host Andy Traub, Wes Young, and Justin Lakin discuss retirement and how to approach it in a fulfilling and purposeful way. Wes shares a story about the frustration of reaching a destination that doesn't exist, relating it to retirement as a destination. They emphasize the need to retire to something meaningful and to have a purpose in retirement. They discuss the concept of the gap, highlighting the importance of balancing motivation and avoiding burnout. They also discuss the role of financial advisors in helping clients design a future aligned with their desires. They stress the importance of gratitude and having an exciting vision for the future in order to enjoy the journey towards retirement.

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In today’s episode we will cover:

  • The difference between retiring to something versus from it
  • Misconceptions about retirement
  • Other aspects or retirement you have to plan for beyond economic requirements
  • How to design a fulfilling and purposeful life now, and in retirement

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