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S9E1- The Journey to Fee Based Advice! “Time is Capital, Spend it Wisely”

Season #9

In this episode of the "From Busy to Rich" podcast, Andy Traub, Wes Young and Justin Lakin discuss ways to increase profitability and quality of life for financial advisors. They focus on the quote by Richard Koch about spending time in low-quality ways and emphasize the importance of being intentional about how time is spent. They also discuss the need for financial advisors to be paid for their advice and transition to a fee-based model. They encourage advisors to invest in their own development and design their own approach to better serve clients. They also highlight the importance of evaluating current approaches and exploring alternatives.

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In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Importance of not spending time in low-quality ways
  • Wasting time on unnecessary information and unimportant conversations
  • Undervaluing planning services and not charging separately for them
  • Shifting mindset from doing a plan to being a planner
  • Evaluating whether current approach is working and exploring alternatives

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