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S9E2- The Journey to Fee Based Advice! “Real Financial Planning with Carl Richards”

Season #9

What is “real financial planning?” In this podcast episode, Wes and Justin welcome Carl Richards as a special guest. They discuss the concept of "real financial planning" and aligning one's use of capital with what is important to them. Carl emphasizes the importance of recognizing human tendencies and biases in financial decision-making and encourages a mindset of curiosity and experimentation. They also explore the role of financial planners as guides in a changing landscape and navigating uncertainty. Carl introduces the Society of Advice, a monthly membership program that focuses on personal growth and self-discovery. The episode concludes with a discussion on trusting one's intuition and making meaningful decisions.

Click here to watch video version.

In today’s episode we will cover:

  • The essence of “Real Financial Planning”
  • Transforming from Defenders to Guides
  • Navigating risks and uncertainty
  • The power of reflection

 If you want to learn more about Carl Richards and all the great work he has done we encourage you to visit his website at The Society of Advice. Maybe you’re interested in taking your own planning in a new direction, in that case we would love to have you join us in one of our coming Transform University series. You can learn more at Again, thank you for joining and we look forward to next time.


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