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S10E1- The Power of Living in Two Different Futures

Season #10

In this podcast episode, Andy and Wes discuss the concept of living in two futures, inspired by Seth Godin, and share personal experiences and examples of companies that either embraced or rejected the idea of embracing a different future. They highlight the importance of learning from failures, embracing hope, and having positive expectations for the future. They also discuss the challenges faced by organizations and the importance of thinking about the future as a financial advisor. They provide three takeaways for advisors and encourage listeners to embrace a future that is designed by them, rather than settling for incremental growth.

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 In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Living in two futures and embracing a better future
  • Learning from past failures and not letting them define the future
  • Difference between incremental growth and transformative growth
  • Challenges faced by organizations
  • Thinking about the future for financial advisors 

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