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S10E5- Building a Great Team Part 2

Season #10

In this episode of the "From Busy to Rich" podcast, Wes and team welcome back Stephanie to discuss the process of hiring the right people for your team. They share insights on creating job descriptions, filtering applicants, and utilizing assessments to evaluate candidates. They emphasized importance of cultural fit, values alignment, and open communication. They also discuss the significance of regular check-ins, setting clear expectations, and providing feedback to ensure everyone is on the same page. They encourage advisors to trust their instincts and not settle for less when hiring.

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In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Discussion on how to hire the right person for a team
  • Importance of filters, job descriptions, and assessments in the hiring process
  • Importance of cognitive abilities, skills, cultural fit, and values alignment in hiring
  • Use of assessments and conversations to learn more about potential hires
  • Handling rejection and team interviews in the hiring process
  • Importance of regular check-ins, clear expectations, and feedback with employees
  • Trusting employees and empowering them to take initiative
  • Importance of having the right people on the team and the negative impact of having the wrong people

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