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S11E2- Why You Don’t Do It Part 2

Season #11

Be like Nike, “Just Do It!” It sounds easy enough, but as we discussed in our last episode we tend struggle during the transition from knowing what we should do to actually doing it. In part 2 on “Why you don’t do it,” hosts Andy, Wes, and Justin engage on how to overcome the things holding us back, and to start implementing the things that will help us move towards our goals. They discuss the importance of ideation, or the process of capturing new ideas and opportunities. They emphasize the need for a system to record and evaluate these ideas, and the importance of discernment in determining which ideas to pursue. They also discuss the importance of being open to new ideas, challenging our comfort zones, and moving beyond just gathering ideas to actually implementing them.

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In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Capturing ideas and opportunities
  • Identifying the right ideas or opportunities to pursue
  • Building systems into daily flow to support implementation
  • Executing the plan and ongoing refinement

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