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S11E3- Game Changer with Mark Barefield

Season #11

In this episode on the "From Busy to Rich" podcast, Andy and Wes have the pleasure of interviewing Mark Barefield's about the growth of his business, and his experience having gone through the Transform University. The program emphasizes service over sales, helping advisors understand their clients' fears and anxieties. Mark shares his journey from door-to-door sales to a more client-focused approach, leading to increased income and client satisfaction. They also discuss the importance of charging fees for advice and creating a demand for solutions.

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In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Importance of going beyond sales scripts and focusing on service in financial planning
  • Mark Barefield's personal story and motivation for entering the financial industry
  • Shift in mindset towards understanding clients' concerns and fears
  • Importance of charging fees for advice and providing comprehensive solutions
  • Positive response from clients after implementing the Transform program
  • Challenges of performance-based measurement and creating a context for decision-making

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