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S11E4- The Art of Getting Things Done

Season #11

In this special episode on the "From Busy to Rich" podcast, we share a recent interview Wes had with Brandon Snyder on the Pursuing Alpha podcast. They discussed the importance of holistic financial planning, and explain their approach to helping clients prioritize their financial goals and providing specialized services. They also discussed the importance of enjoying the journey towards financial milestones and the role of mindset in this process. Wes and Brandon close with a discussion on the value of personal growth and the impact one can have on others.

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In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Importance of deep conversations with clients and structured meeting approach
  • Growth and success in building their practices
  • Client communication and organizational practices within their firm
  • Importance of being process-driven and calendar-driven with clients
  • Designing one's life and questioning societal defaults

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