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S11E7- From Waiting Tables to Financial Advisor: Ryan Daus’ Unconventional Journey

Season #11

In this episode of "From Busy to Rich", Andy and Wes chat with Ryan Daus about his journey in the financial advisory business. Ryan shares his experiences, from starting as an intern to building a successful business. He emphasizes the importance of a strong team, client care, and a fee-based structure. Ryan also discusses his future aspirations, the importance of transparency in leadership, and his fears about the future. The conversation also touches on the value of delegation, the need for self-reflection, and the balance between profitability and quality of life.

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In today’s episode we will cover:

  • A journey in the financial advisory business
  • Not all cupcakes and rainbows, challenges faced by advisors in the industry
  • Importance of taking care of clients and delivering on promises
  • Building a business vs having a job
  • Next level of growth for advisors with a staff

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