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Transform Learning Series Episode 1 – What is it?

This is a special episode of the "From Busy to Rich" podcast, where host Andy, Wes, and Justin discuss the “Transform University" learning series for financial advisors. They explore how the series helps advisors achieve a higher quality of life and increased profitability, not just for themselves but also for their clients. Wes delves into the mindset and practical tools necessary for advisors to progress, including a transformative mindset, organizational structure, team development, and technology utilization. The series, which includes live sessions and in-person workshops, is designed to help advisors execute more effectively in all areas of planning.

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In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Importance of optimizing organization and structure capabilities for financial advisors
  • Effective execution in areas such as estate planning and team development
  • Engaging clients in advanced estate planning conversations and providing new narratives
  • Equipping financial advisors with tools to understand and make necessary changes for growth
  • Significance of team awareness and development, technology tips and tricks
  • Importance of having a healthy off-season and game season within a financial advisory team
  • Practicality and mindset required for success, tools and strategies needed to achieve goals
  • Structure of the "Transform" series, and benefits of attending live remote sessions and in-person component at the end of the series

 We hope you enjoy this episode, and would love to hear your feedback by leaving a review. If you’re an advisor and want to further explore these or other topics you can learn more at Perhaps you’ve been following us for a while, and you’re ready to transform your practice. If so then we would love to have you at our upcoming Transform University class - click here for information on how to sign up.