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From Pagers to Planning: Interview with Silas Parker

In this episode of "From Busy to Rich," we welcome special guest Silas Parker, a successful financial advisor, to share his journey and insights. Host Wes Young, who has trained many advisors including Silas, leads the discussion focused on Silas's evolution in the financial industry. Wes highlights Silas's ability to reinvent himself and adapt to change, which he believes is essential for growth. Silas, based in Austin, Texas, runs a primarily remote-based financial planning practice. He discusses his team structure, his approach to client relationships, and his business's growth. They delve into Silas's background, from selling pagers to becoming a top advisor, and the pivotal moments and decisions that shaped his career. He emphasizes the importance of mentorship, embracing fear, and the willingness to make significant changes to achieve a better future.

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In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Special Guest Introduction
  • Discussion on Silas’ journey and evolution in the financial services industry
  • Team structure and growth plans
  • Embracing fear and taking risks in business
  • The concept of “10x” thinking, and the importance of constant reinvention

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