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E80 – Powerful Communication

In this episode of "From Busy to Rich," host Andy and Wes explore the art of communication, particularly in public speaking. Wes shares his evolution from a reluctant speaker to a confident communicator, emphasizing the importance of starting with 'why,' building tension, and establishing common ground. They discuss a framework for crafting messages that resonate, focusing on one key point for memorability. The power of asking impactful questions and using personal anecdotes to connect with the audience is also highlighted. The episode is a deep dive into strategic communication.


In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Importance of effective communication
  • Preparation and structuring of talks and presentations
  • Starting with the "why" before delving into the "what"
  • Building tension and common ground
  • Power of asking questions that resonate deeply with the audience
  • Framework for structuring a message: what the audience needs to know, why they need to know it, and what they need to do
  • Focusing on one key point to anchor the message
  • Examples and insights into effective communication and engagement with an audience

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