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E81 – Prioritizing Tasks for Maximum Impact and Enjoyment

In this special episode of "From Busy to Rich," Wes joined Sten Morgan on his podcast of “Becoming an Elite Financial Advisor.” They discussed the intricacies of managing a remote team in the financial planning sector. Wes recounts his early start in the industry, the shift from commission-based to fee-based planning, and the importance of growth and team building. He introduces a task ranking system based on impact and enjoyment to optimize team efficiency and personal satisfaction. Wes also underscores the significance of hiring individuals who resonate with the company's vision and values. He shares insights on achieving a balanced life, avoiding burnout, and making a meaningful impact on clients.


In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Challenges and successes of running a successful remote team in the financial planning industry
  • Wes's journey of starting his practice at a young age and the evolution of his business
  • Transition from commission-based to fee-based financial planning and the fears and obstacles faced
  • Importance of continuous growth and challenges of hiring and building a team
  • Introducing ranking systems for tasks based on impact, enjoyment, and energy
  • Significance of hiring individuals fit for specific tasks and aligned with the organization's vision and values

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Click here for a downloadable version of Wes’ Task Matrix